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    Flash Help Please

    Hey there,

    I'm building a page for a friend just as a favor. I'm not really a web designer, so i ran into some trouble with his flash button. He has a flash movie he wants to run by clicking on a button in his site, but I don't know how to set the action so that when you click on the button it goes through the button animation and then starts the movie, i know it probably has something to do with setting the action but i don't know how to do it, any help is greatly appreciated.


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    I suggest you to read the documents of Action Script. Or do a google search of "gotoAndPlay Action Script".

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    how about a reference URL. What kind of button is this? Is the button in the same flash movie? Is the button flash? Is it html, javascript? If flash and seperate you could use GotoUrl. I would def recommend reading up on action script though. You should google this. I am sure there are plenty of tutorials.
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