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    New webhosting site design

    I made a new design to a webhosting site.

    Here is the design:

    Well, tell me what you think about it.
    It's also offered to sale,
    you get this design unique to your company,
    you get the PSD,
    you can edit the PSD as many as you like,
    you can say that you made the design,
    you can resell this design,
    and enjoy all of this design has to offer.
    Who want's to buy can send me private massege,
    talk to me on ICQ 322111646,
    and pay by PayPal.
    You will get the PSD by mail, ICQ, or whatever you want.
    You offer the price, not me.

    Sorry about my bad English.
    Nissim Cohen

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    sorry I didnt know about that.
    Can someone transfer the theard?
    Im very sorry about that.

    Nissim Cohen

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    Nice Work..

    I don't know whether it has that 'proffesional edge' which could gain customers but i like it .

    You might want to try and make the blue alittle less overpowering and make the lines abit more regid?

    Just a thought
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    Thread moved to what appears to be the right section for it.

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