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    looking for partner (semi-technical)

    Hello WHT,

    I am looking to start a shared webhosting business line so I have an entry level product to add to my service portfolio, and it's just fun to starting new businesses.

    Here is what type of partnership I am looking for:

    I will provide colo space, a dedicated server approx specs are (Dual P3 1.3Ghz 1GIG RAM 80GIG HDD) with bandwidth and cpanel or Direct admin license.

    Here is what I need from my partner, ability to design a strong webhosting company website, set up customers using cpanel or Direct admin and help provide support for customers. Ideally would want this partner to also contribute to sales and advertising, but I do not mind handling all of that.

    If I can find the right person who can bring all these parts to the table I am willing to share from 30-50% of all profit. The partner will not have to invest any money into the partnership just their time and experience for: set up, sales, and support to this project. You can send me an email or PM via WHT.

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    Wow, sounds like an awsome deal.

    I PM'd you. Please get back to me

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    Im interested in this as well. I can do all site maintance and get clients, only thing I cannot do is the webdesign, although I am a designer, I dont think I can add another design to my queue. I can also put in some money to get things started if needed.

    Please PM me with your AIM/MSN (sorry no YIM or ICQ) and we can talk further

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    We may be intrested in this, can you contact me my PM. we are running a free design portfolio offer at the mo.

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    Another offer for a partner

    Basically, I'm in the same position as the original poster.

    I have 2 dedicated servers now with enough bandwidth.

    I'm the technical administrator for taking care of the servers.
    I need someone to take care of the marketing. Although
    we could work together on that as well. You wouldn't be
    alone while working with me.

    I'm looking for partners for using these resources. No money
    involved to be paid to me. We split all profits 50/50 of any




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    Still looking for this partner, One additional requirement I am looking for in the partner is that they are at least 18 years of age or older.

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    I can't PM yet, so I have sent you a message via ICQ.


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