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    File type redirects with htaccess?

    I've got a good-sized site with around 300 HTML pages. I'm doing some restructuring and changing all the HTML files to SHTML to take advantage of SSI. I plan on keeping filenames the exact same, just changing the extension - i.e. to

    I'd like to use .htaccess to tell visitors looking for the HTML files to automatically go to the SHTML files. I don't really want to put 300+ lines of redirects in .htaccess, so I was wondering how I could make it so that [filename].html gets redirected to [filename].shtml automatically.

    I do not plan on having any HTML files on the site any longer. So ANY request for an HTML should be forwarded to the SHTML version.

    Does this make sense? Could anyone clue me in on how the language in htaccess should look? I appreciate any help.

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    You're into mod_rewrite territory there, which can be implemented in an .htaccess file. Sorry, I'm not any good with mod_rewrite, but I do know it's what you're after.
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    I think I might have it.

    I've got cPanelX, and under "Apache handlers" I've got:

    .cgi .pl cgi-script
    .shtm server-parsed
    .shtml server-parsed

    Shouldn't I just be able to add:

    .html server-parsed

    And not even have to bother renaming all of my HTML files to shtml??

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    Heheh... Yeah, I shoulda thought of that...

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    So that should work? I'm a little leery of just jumping in and doing it on a live site without a second opinion. ;-)

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    You mean something like:

    directory is not a folder. it is actually a php file.

    I made a .htaccess file and made it look like:
    <files directory>
    SetHandler application/x-httpd-php
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