Motion2 is looking for a java programmer and a php programmer.

Java programmer
We need a java programmer that can write a web applet which allows 2 web cameras to connect and see eachother with both text chat and audio. This program must be written from scratch. If anyone knows a place where we can purchase a prewritten program that would be helpful.

Php programmer
We need a lot of forms to be written. We want the user to be able to sign up, search a database.(we will include more information upon reviewing your skills) We want the user that's logged in to our site to be able to connect to others and start a web conference via our java application. So the java application ties in with the PHP. Basically a lot of form work, database and logging in.


Also if you guys think this can be done in other languages/programs like Flash let us know! We are looking for other alternatives and better ways!

So if you are capable of doing what's requested, please send us.

- previous work examples, resumes, ect..
- a quote
- how long it will take

Send to [email protected]

Thank you,