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    * *VERY experienced, budget-wise* ADMIN/PROGRAMMER/helper available - remotely

    Thanks for your interest. Do contact, if you think
    you could need remote hands helping you. I'm
    understanding, and not expensive at all.

    - All new clients get the first 10 minutes for free,
    if I can solve your problem in that time, then I don't
    charge at all. First entire hour is 25 $.

    Pricing is subject to the customer, the project,
    and priorizing my time.

    - All clients get access to a web project planner,
    task, trouble ticketing and a forum system. I use the DOT forums.

    - Payments via Paypal


    Innovation is the motivation.
    Best of all is the feeling of finishing a project.
    The next best thing is to start brainstorming the
    next innovation while keeping existing projects stable,
    and running..


    I'm 24 years, and a UNIX specialist, residing in Europe.

    This posting may seem a lot to you, but please bear me.
    I'm for real.


    I'm a trustworthy person capable of helping out in all cases,
    if you are looking for external help. Some people say I have never
    failed to solve their problems.


    I can do for example:

    - troubleshoot ALL issues. Tools such as tcpdump, gdb, netcat, /proc/kcore,
    - setup load balanced Linux clusters. LVS is handy.
    - secure servers. Security is important to me. Firewalls are good.
    - setup and document all my work on Linux, FreeBSD,OpenBSD, Solaris environments
    - assist in all server and programming issues. Teach you how to do things. I'm patient.
    - code in C, C++, PHP, PERL,tcl, PL/SQL, awk and shell scripting languages. I like programming.

    I work on Intel, AMD and Sun Enterprise level servers.

    Some example setups I know:

    SMTP: Postfix/Qmail/Exim/SSMTP/Zmailer/Sendmail/Smail ..
    HTTP: Apache/Tomcat/thttpd/IIS/Zeus/Zend/Netscape & Iplanet ..
    FTP: WU-ftp/Pro-Ftp/glFTP ..
    DB: Oracle 8 - 9i, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Sybase, MSSQL
    DNS: TinyDNS, BIND, dens, ...
    Firewalls: iptables, ipf, pkf, IOS, Zyxel, Telewell...+ wrappers like ShoreWall
    CPanels: Cpanel, Plesk, WHM...

    Others: DHCP NIS, NTP, NTTP, X, VNC, SSH, Samba, PPP, IpSec, PPTP, cron, atd
    CAT-5 networks, WLAN, switches, routers, transparent caches..

    Last few years I have:

    # Managed/designed web, news, mail and file, database servers
    including multi-terabyte RAID subsystems, and multi-processors systems using
    Solaris, HP/UX and Linux

    # Maintained Linux/Solaris workstations used for software development.
    # Secured and monitored multiple network servers

    (using switches from 3Com, Nagios/Netsaint, mon, MRTG, Watchguard and
    Linux/OpenBSD/FreeBSD-based Firewalls)

    # Developed in PHP and Perl web tools for server monitoring

    # Integrated a platform for the hosting of multiple email domains with optional anti-virus protection
    , using Postfix, Courier-IMAP, MySQL and specific Perl scripts for the administration. + Qmail & VMAI


    I'm an efficient worker, and I believe my work results and skills
    show my capabilities.


    Contact me and we'll talk, exchange personal
    details / references, I promise. Just try me out!

    I will answer to all requests. Email/PM me for
    a guaranteed answer!

    AIM: imwizi
    MSN: sunjellona [at]
    email: hyppyri [at]

    Thank you for your time and best regards!

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    Any experience with Ensim?

    Im not just talking about using Ensim, but getting fully involved with its workings and troubleshooting very raw problems and customising/hacking parts of the software?
    Matt Wallis
    United Communications Limited
    High Performance Shared & Reseller | Managed VPS Cloud | Managed Dedicated
    UK | US | Since 1998.

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    Yes I have experience with most of the control panels,
    having consulted and written my own panel years ago..

    My friend wrote a control panel, used 6 months to do it,
    and talked about all its security layers via sudo, md5 hashing commands, suexec etc. It took me 5 minutes
    to find me a root exploit based on passing unescaped arguments. Now it is fixed and should be somewhat secure. I hope the best
    for him in his Panel business.

    I've surely used Ensim, Plesk, DirectAdmin, Webmin etc..

    Nowadays most of them have been either Ensim or Plesk.

    I'm a quick learner. I can hack in Perl, PHP easily, if I
    can hack in x86 and sparc assembler

    What kind of problems have you had?
    What kind of features do you have in mind?

    Which version of Ensim? Which Distribution?

    Please give me all information you can,

    better yet, email me or get online on MSN/AIM and
    let's introduce ourselves

    Let's try this out.


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    London, UK
    I may contact you soon.

    We dont have a problem, but we are always looking for talented Ensim administrators - they are hard to find!

    Thank you for your response.
    Matt Wallis
    United Communications Limited
    High Performance Shared & Reseller | Managed VPS Cloud | Managed Dedicated
    UK | US | Since 1998.

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    Thank you for contacting me.

    I'm talented, I don't only do Ensim Whatever you may
    have in mind, just ask me

    For administrators, it's not always easy to find good employers

    I trust you are one of the best.

    Best regards,

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