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    Hi there guys, I am in proccess of selling just because I am not available anymore to work on this site. I have 2 kids and a wife and life is extremely busy with my other sites I own and run and my companies.

    What is

    Slpromotions is a promotion site for a nightclub that my friend works at, he asked me to build him the website and just keep it updated with latest news and just adding pictures.

    All you will have to do is add news, put up newest pictures and that's it. You will get the domain, design and all of the content included in the sale.

    My asking price is $80

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    So what would someone gain from this if they bought it?

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    If someone was to buy this they can easily keep this site going and ad there ads on it, site has gotten nice views for have done no advertising to it, you can also take the domain and change it to something of your choice, change it to a music site or anything along those lines. For the price I am selling I don't think im asking much.

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    I have also got a forum that I would be willing to sell for right price. I do not have a set price for it but whatever you think it's worth and interested in buying it then ill go with that, Please PM me and ill give you the url of the forum, dont want to post in public for members to see it being sold, here is some stats.

    Ttotal of 5,937 posts
    749 registered members

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    does your friend pay a maintenance fee for the site?

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    Originally posted by aqi32
    does your friend pay a maintenance fee for the site?
    He doesn't since im his friend but this can be easily done once talked to him

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    Remember guys the forum is also being sold here

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    getting a page not found

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    Originally posted by frankrnl
    getting a page not found
    working fine, refresh it or reload it

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    Please send me the URl of the forum.

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    still up for sale, both site and forum

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