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    Dell 1850 and RHEL 3 no Network device. pls help!


    i have install RHEL3 on my dell 1850 but it dont detect the Network adapter what can i do? i have install also Centos and it detect the card !!!


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    Have you checked the logs on boot to see what they say? It is really weird that centos detects it but not RHEL, are you using the "same" version? Maybe you need to laod the module manually.

    Look at pspci on the RHEL partition to see if it can "see" the card. If so it is a matter of getting the drivers loaded.
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    Try the Dell support channel, you may have to install a driver seperately for that network card as it may not be not supported by Vanilla or RH kernels. Alternatively, fit a new card that is supported into one of the pci slots and use that.

    I have had to do this for some onboard gig cards on Dells.

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    dell supplies drivers for this server.. look around their site for them
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