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    Colo on east coast

    Recommendations sought for

    1 cab colo, flexible and expandable rapidly
    5/10mbps cdr on multi-homed bandwidth
    128 IP's

    Looking for a decent provider who can act as a 'partner' on the east coast of the US

    Any recommendations?


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    The pricing you'll see will range greatly depending where on the East Coast you're looking. If you have a better idea of what your price range is, and what you're looking for (Good European connectivity? or good Central/Latin/South American?)

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    Looking for best possible North American peering/connectivity. Not worried at all about Europe / Asia, etc. Fairly flexible on price.

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    There are a variety of providers in NJ/NYC also something you need to be specific on is the support infrastructure available to you, i.e reboots, fscks, hardware replacements etc..

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    You also should consider posting more about your budget when asking for realistic suggestions. And you might want to list if you’re aiming for a single-homed or multi-homed bandwidth solution – and of what quality. Obviously a Peer1/Internap mix is going to be more costly than a pure cogent feed, but might be unnecessary depending upon what you’re doing. You can pretty much get anything you want in NYC/NJ, but pricing is typically more competitive than in most of the country.

    Brendan Diaz

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    Sorry guys, looking ideally for multi-homed with decent SLA 99.99% or better, and the better the north american peering, the better. Budget is in the $750-$1250 mark approx.

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    You could always try Equinix.

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