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    I need help finding a server to suit these needs...


    I am needing help finding a server that will have enough bandwidth and space to suit the following needs:

    - I run a weekly internet radio talk-show that has approx. 125 listeners on average. We use Shoutcast (shoutcast dot com) to run the show and we had the option of 500 listeners when we were on our last server. This is the main focus of my website.

    - They are two hour shows each week live and after each show, we put up an archive. However...used to we would archive almost 9-10 months worth of shows (four each month) - each file approx. 15 mb in size...but when I return, all I'll be archiving are about four shows in their entirety. Once they've been up for about a month, I will start replacing the oldest shows with the newest ones and taking the old ones off the server to save space. Although I'll do this, we also interview someone almost every show and when I take off the old shows, I will crop the 20-30 min interview and place it on the site. I'd like to have anywhere from 10-12 interviews on the site at a time (each approx. 4-7 mb in size). This is basically what the space would be needed for. We have a newsboard as well, but that takes up very little space I've heard.

    My webmaster told me to come here to see if I could find help with a good server for a reasonable price and he said that the server needed to have ssh, php on linux and ftp....thats about it. and decent (not crazy) storage. That's coming from him.

    If you could please respond on here or email me on AOL at [email protected].


    Chris Cash

    P.S. My webmaster just said that we would probably need at least a gig for storage. Thanks. hehe

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    Will you want both shoutcast and the site in the same location - as in do they really need to be provided by the same provider?

    I would recommend keeping them seperate - otherwise you'll need a VPS or a Dedicated server.
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