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    Looking for good toll free service


    I need a toll free number for my Canadian hosting company. I am looking for a company that:

    1. Serves Canada
    2. Is cheap
    3. Is reliable

    Any suggestions?


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    We use Freedom Voice. Extremely happy with all of their services & extras they keep adding. Others to check is ringcentral and Kall8

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    Definately stay away from or We used tollfreemax, I believe they're both resellers of some sort of outfit; their support is entirely outsourced to some middle-eastern country, half of whom I don't believe were even aware of what company they were attempting to do support for, much less able to speak or understand English. It was the worst support nightmare I've ever come in contact with.

    To make things worse, they billed us twice within two weeks, both times for far more than it should have been, never got a refund despite half a dozen phone calls. Each time we were informed that 'the billing manager was in a meeting'. Finally after a heated exchange, the operator admitted to us that they had lied and there were no meetings. Half the time our number would just ring busy with them, and almost all of the time we couldn't control our settings because their web site times out 95% of the time that you try to access it. Not good at all.
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    Vonage might be a good solution for you, you can add a toll free number to your account for $5/month with 100 included incoming minutes, and reasonable rates beyond that.
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    I bet if you used the "search" tool on this web site, you would find millions of threads regarding this same issue

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    You might want to chech out telcan.

    The company is based out of Toronto.

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    First, learn how to use search. Second, I recommend GotVmail.

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    We've used Kall8, but are slowly moving into a in-house system with Bell Canada.

    Kall8 was good while it lasted!

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    I'd have to say from what other people have been saying - Kall8. They seem to all have good comments.

    May I caution you highly however to STAY AWAY from Sixtel/Tollfreedirect. They offer an extremely aweful service. Took me roughly a month to get a local number, a week to get a toll free number, and their support team I must say is just dreaded.
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    We're using Tollfreemax. We actually request to be transfered to their Florida call center when we talk to any foreign agent. The price is well worth it for all the features they offer. As for billing issues, never happened to us.

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    Check out
    - Serves all of North America
    - $2.00/Month
    - $0.065/minute
    - They're based out of Toronto.
    - You can get vanity #s for $14.99 (One time-setup)

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    How about i want a service that can forward a call from US to our Singapore phone number?

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    We have been using Kall8, they workout great for us.
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