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    how can i learn liunx by my self ?
    can any one offer me e-books to help?

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    learn by doing.
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    Sorry for my thinking, but are you mentioning Linux ?

    The most common way that people do when learning a new computer-related stuff is to buy a book around, hand it often, read it through and do practice.
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    anyone know of any good e-books tho?

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    Spend the money and get a couple books, they are not that much.

    Also depending on how committed you really are, you can read all the man pages (like i did when i first started *nix).

    You'll need to read and play to learn. Experience and knowing what tools to use and how to use them.
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    I don't know of any ebooks, but the easiest way to learn is to install, break and fix.

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    Go to they're selling e-books related to linux. I do recommend Linux in a nutshell as a great reference book.

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    Go to this page and follow a link to a free IBM online course.

    There are other free tutorials and courses on the internet. The above link was at hand because I use one of the courses to bring my students up to speed for a another course I teach, i.e. Linux exposure is a prerequisite. The students use one of the live Linux CDs to practice at the command line, you know, the distributions such as Knoppix or Ubuntu that you can boot on a Windows machine and Linux runs totally in RAM without disturbing the harddrive.

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    you can try out this link
    or go to to get more help
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    Originally posted by JSpired
    I don't know of any ebooks, but the easiest way to learn is to install, break and fix.
    I would have to agree, hand on is the best way. But for those that aren't compute savie, a book would be best.

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    I agree with JSpired, the best way to learn is always trial and error. Well it is for some people. Get your self a cheap box you can proberly fine one on ebay for $40 and then install a simple Linux Distro. And keep playing with it. Then when you get better move up with the Complexitity of the Distro's. You might find Gentoo a challenge.

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