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Thread: Tricking DNS?

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    Tricking DNS?


    We have a local caching DNS server (using BIND) at our location. Is there any way we can tell it to basically point a specific domain to a certain ip? We are not authorative for this domain and only need it for internal reasons.

    Let's say we want a domain that we don't own like to point to one of our LAN ips like Is this possible? It would only affect us inside the network and nothing outside as only internal computers can see the dns server and use it.

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    You could do this a couple ways. Ome way would be to create a zone file for the domain name, the same way that you would a valid address. The other way (simple) add the host to your /etc/hosts file.

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    As long as the internal clients use the dns server as their resolver you can setup any zone you want. But, there are some obvious reasons why you should be carefull, especially if they have access to the Internet.
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    ya you can add a zone like and point it to any ip you want. Anyone using your dns as a resolver will go to the ip your pointed it to.

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    Hmm... thanks guys, as you can tell DNS isn't my forte. Will try this out...

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