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    Full Server Security and Administration Plans for every one! from 15$ ONLY!

    Full Server Security - hardening plan for only 15$ one time fee!

    For limited time only!
    We offer Full security hardening for only 15$ per server.

    Supported OS:
    Centos, RedHat ,RHE with or without control panel.
    supported control panels:
    cPanel ,DirectAdmin

    We will perform Security hardening on your servers,as part of our security hardening we will perform the follow tasks:

    * APF - A advaced policy firewall for linux
    * BFD - Brute Force Detector for stops brute force attempts
    * Portsentry - PDS
    * mod_security - IDS for web based applications
    * mod_dosevasive - DoS evasive module
    * OpenWall - Security patch for Linux kernel
    * Prevent Spoofing
    * Limit SYN Packets
    * Minimize DDoS ttacks
    * Disabled unneeded services
    * Restricted access
    * Disable SUID-ROOT from programs
    * Limit system resource usage
    * Tempdir scripts (hardens the /tmp directories)
    * PHP Hardening*

    ETA for securing is 1-2 hours per server from the moment we start.

    Also custom level3-4 works /administration/installations/fixs could be done for only 20$ per hour!

    Email us at: [email protected]
    payment with paypal to [email protected]

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    we have released support portal for easy contact with us at:

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