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    Supermicro SATA problem


    I have 2 Supermicro 5014-MT Server. They have 4 Sata ports and a LSI onboard raid controller.

    I want to use this server only with 2 harddisk without raid function at all.

    After a long time, I found out, when I choose the SATA option "combined mode" at least one harddisk was found by linux debian. But the second one was not found. The funny thing is, that the second harddisk from the left side is found but not the first one.

    Does anybody know something about this problem? I don't want to use the raid function at all, I just want to use 2 Sata disks and 1 IDE cdrom drive.


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    Check your BIOS setup.
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    Originally posted by crnc
    Why you wouldnt want redundancy is beyond me...
    Extra storage space?

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    But how would be the correct setting in the BIOS? I tried everything there...


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    depending on what board you are using.. Linux is not supported for the RAID cards.

    Its only compatible with MS Sorry to say.. Though maybe a jumper setting will disable the card running in RAID mode.

    Read the manual or go to the supermicro website and see if you can do something about it
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    I found the sollution in the meantime:

    I had to disable the Raid controller in the bios and set the disk to "combined mode". Afterwards using the tray 2 and 4 for the harddisks.


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    Originally posted by Choppy
    depending on what board you are using.. Linux is not supported for the RAID cards.
    I absolutely had no trouble with raid on FC3, some trouble on Centos 3.x, and a lot of trouble on W2003.

    So, I would have to disagree on your general statement
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