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    Special Web Design Offer


    I would like to make a special web design offer in order to build up a portfolio.

    Any reasonable web design requirement will be gratefully received, at any reasonable price, offers below $100 are acceptable. I would like to build up a portfolio of work and can show a few examples of high quality work to any interested parties.

    We can do PHP web development and script installation including Ecom sites or CMS. All enquiries welcomed.

    Please email me at [email protected]

    Many Thanks
    Kiran James
    Web Design and Development

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    Have you done any work before that you can show?

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    I'd be interested in a portfolio or anything you have to show

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    Hello Guys
    Please email me if you have interest and we will discuss it further. The main idea is to build up a portfolio of work, hence the specially low price. I'll send you a private email with reference to giving some kind of example of what we can do.

    Many Thanks
    Web Design and Development

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