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    Looking for webmail hosting service

    I'm new to the webmail service. Now I need some advice on setting up free webmail service. I expect to get around 5000 new users per year with 20MB for free account and 200MB for paid users. I plan to buy the SocketMail Pro or any equivalent products on the market in one week.

    My question is what kinds of server do I need. Anyone has any recommended host service? The server will only run mail service and DNS server. I need to know what kinds of configuration do I need and expanding options in the future if I get 5,000 users a year and the server won't go slow or dead. I need dedicated server with powerful resource, fast and reliable service.

    Please advice.

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    host quote feature is your best bet or try the advertising forms
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    If you expect to grow by 5,000 users per year, think multiple servers rather than one powerful server. The e-mail server software you select must be able to scale past one server. Are you going to be providing anti-spam and anti-virus checking? This will about double the processing resources needed for each message. When it comes to mail servers, the speed of the storage system plays a key role. Opt for the fastest hard disk setup you can afford. I would recommend SCSI in a RAID configuration (Something like RAID5 or RAID10 for better performance.) You usually don't need tons of RAM, 1-2GB should do well. How do you plan to store user information? If it's stored in a database, such as MySQL or MSSQL you're going to need more memory for the database. Building a scalable e-mail system presents many challenges such as central e-mail storage and central storage of user information. Be sure to research your options completely before purchasing anything.
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