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Thread: Supply & Demand

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    Supply & Demand

    So I have submited my registration for Unixshell vps account three days ago and it still hasn't been activated. That's OK because I understand that they are swamped with requests for their 32MB-128MB ram accounts. This tells me that there is a huge demand for this type of VPS accounts and the supply is not able to catch up with it, how come this is happening?

    Doesn't this mean that there is a business opportunity that can be exploited here by other businesses providing the service that unixshell does, how come I have not found any competitors who can compete on price?

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    There are multiple competitors - and there is still high enough demand to even still enter the market and compete (as with any market really).

    Theres always room for an alternative although I don't forsee any anytime soon at that pricing.
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    We don't have any delay in order processing right now... normal setup time is a few hours. I see one pending account in the queue and the order was only placed a few minutes ago.

    It's probable the account was setup, but there was a problem with the welcome e-mail being sent to your e-mail address. You should e-mail in to our sales about having it resent and/or sent to a different e-mail address.

    As far as competitors... some are trying, but since unixshell is a child of TekTonic certain aspects such as infrastructure and bandwidth can be written off as 'practically free'. We also spent a few months programming our control interface which is a big setback for anyone else trying to startup.
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    I notice that most of the VPSes do not come in the bare setup that unixshell does and with that, they effectively increase the price. The beauty of a regular root account with plain out of the box linux distro is that I can transform it and tune it just to my needs.

    Aren't there people who use VPS for something besides reselling shared hosting. All the offers with control panels sure seem to be aimed at those type of clients instead of do it all yourself kinds.

    Then there is the price factor. I am sure if the VPS providers made some accounts without different control panels which all require license fees, they could offer a comparable service to unixshell.

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