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    serving popunders from 2 services on one site?

    ok basically i'm serving fastclick and casalemedia ads on my site, they both have 12 hour frequency to serve a popunder. so a visitor only gets 1 popunder per 12 hours.

    at the moment i have to choose which service i use on the site, is there a way to show first a popunder from fastclick and if the visitor visits my site within 12 hours, show them the casalemedia ad.

    so the users will still see one ad at a time.

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    You could do something like

    PHP Code:
    $rand rand(2); // some random number

    //set cookie of which ad depending on random number

    //display ad.
    else {
    $your_cookie == 'the first program'){
    //display other ad
    else {
    //display first ad

    I just did that pretty randomly. I have never worked with either program so i dont know.
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