We are the authorized agent for MamboHUT.com and we currently have a limited time offer for people interested in advertising on a well known Mambo CMS related site like Mambohut.com

Top banner position (468x60)

CPM starts from $1.2, YES, thatís $1.20 ONLY per 1000 impressions and $0.80 per 1000 impression when you buy 500,000 impressions
See the table below for full details.

Adviews ==>> CPM

25,000 ==>> $1.2
50,000 ==>> $1.1
100,000 ==>> $1.0
200,000 ==>> $0.9
500,000 ==>> $0.8

**CPM = Cost / 1000 adviews

Microbutton (88x31) $80 for a whole month

- Ad views recorded by our Ads server is approximately 400,000/month
- The actual number of page impressions is well over 2,000,000 + /month (Statistics are collected by Urchin and don't ask me why the numbers are different )

These prices are for limited time only. Take advantage of this offer now before itís too late. And if you continue with your campaign after June 1,2005 we won't increase your price for another 3 month.

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