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    Linux FTP suggestion?

    Well I have used a few FTP programs but I am still trying to find on that meets my needs. Can any of you recommend one that can perform the following:

    1. Has "virtual users" instead of using the linux users.
    2. Can restrict all file types except those that I specify.
    3. Can restrict access to only the folders I specify.
    4. Can bind only to an IP/Port I specify.
    5. Is secure.
    6. And if all possible, has a webmin module I can use for easy setup/configuration.

    Basically what I want to do is offer a free CS server to a clan and allow them to update their configs without having to worry about my server being compromised. Although I ask for virtual users, I want to be able to say if this virtual user uploads something make the owner of the file this user. Does anyone know of a ftp program that can do this?

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    I *think* proftpd can do most/all of that when properly configured. It does have a webmin module as well. I would give it a look to see what you can do.
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    I suppose, but I don't know PHP.

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    proftpd will do all you ask. works well with mysql

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