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    Lightbulb MNA case study // Cheif strategists welcome :)

    We run a company (Company A) that serves around 30,000 web-hosting customers. We are currently acquiring another hosting company (Company B), serving around 40,000 web hosting customers.

    Average monthly client base growth:
    A=1500 customers
    B=2500 customers

    Company A is offering cPanel-based web-hosting
    Company B is using their own control panel, which seems to be stable enough, but obviously not as rich in functions

    Both companies are located in a european country, operating in two major cities under two different brands.
    Company A operates in city X
    Company B operates in city Y

    Each company holds a stake of around 1-1.5% of the market. Both are in the top-20.

    Qualified advise on how you thing this acquisition should be performed and presented to the market would be very appreciated.



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    No ideas at all guys? How do you think we should go about merging them companies A + B and sustain current growth rates?

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    I think the dilemma is that anyone with the experience and qualifications to give a meaningful response to such a touchy business scenario, is likely also in a position to scoop up about 40k new customers when you boff it (the merger).

    Best of luck to you though!

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    I would leave company B's infrastructure intact and then have all new sign ups for company B use company A's servers and control panels. A lot of the mistakes and loss of clients occurs when a company tries to migrate things to their own systems thus breaking what isn't broken.
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