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    mail & web space combined

    Hi there,

    I have been trying this for weeks know but can't find any answer concearning this question.

    I'm building a hosting server that will host mail and websites. What i want to is to combine the space usage of both of them.

    So a user has a package wich allows him to use 100mb.
    He already used 10mb for his websites so the space he has left for his email is 90mb.

    I'm using vpopmail & qmail to handle the mail.
    I'm using apache with the vhost_alias to host the virtual domains.

    Quota is supported by the file system.

    How do you guys manage to combine these 2 in one good quota system?

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    Why are you reinventing the wheel? Pick any CP and all that you try to do will be resolved.

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    Because it's fun te reinvent the wheel and second it's much cheaper.

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