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    Unlisted country on Paypal, what's the best payment processor?

    I want to accept online payment by credit card, I'm not in US as well my country is not listed on Paypal.
    Once I joined with my friend's Paypal account from Japan, but now he decide not to offer his Paypal for others.
    I have clients from US and other countries, but without any reliable credit card/ payment processor, I won't be able to be paid .

    So could you guys recommend any payment processor which meet with my needs?
    - It has to accept Visa & Mastercard
    - It can transfer money to my bank account in Indonesia
    - Low cost on setup, monthly or transaction fees.

    I have 2 option now : Paysat and, which one is the best? has been arround & used by so many people.
    Paysat has no setup, accept credit cards, but not so well known I suppose, is paysat good?


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    If it is going to be low volume, 2CO might be your better choice. They are more established than the other company

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    l0ck_up, how much monthly volume do you have ?

    It would help alot to make some suggestions.

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    I just getting started to accept credit cards payment, because I got several transaction lately, the volume may be about $300-400/month

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    We've always been happy with, I'd recommend them for everyone..

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    Stormpay?...Is it accept member from Indonesia?

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    Both stormpay and 2checkout are good but we use 2checkout as we have large amount of transactions per month. the way 2checkout works with our billing system has made the signup and setup procedure automated.

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    I believe stormpay doesn't accept member from Indonesia

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    go for

    What billing system are you planning to use for your business ?

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    I'm using clientexec right now, but I have whoiscart as well.

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    We use modernbill as its easy to manage and most of the features are automated in modernbill. Modernbill and 2checkout work very well with each other.

    Cost is the only thing that will bother initially but you will get good time to look after sales and marketing of your company if you automate your billing.

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