Hi all,

I have a dedicated server running DirectAdmin CP, and all are fine except I can't use ANY Mailing list script because of timeouts (I guess).

I have a mailing list of 32,000+ subscriber.

When I tried SubscribeMe (CGI) it tells it's sending now, but after about 4,000 email it stops, the same thing with MyMail (php), even when I enabled splitting 100 email per 5 minutes! after around 10 minutes it gives "This page can't be displayed".

What can be the problem? my server load is very low on average (0.01~0.6), and when sending mails using Subscribe me the load goes no more than 4.0 (P4 3.0Ghz HT, 1 Gb Ram).

When script stops, the load is back to average, no memory leaks or so.

Can you help me? I'm tired trying scripts and it seems something is wrong with server settings and timeouts! php.ini?? sendmail settings?? what should I change?

Thank you so much!