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    Forum domain and design package for sale. Basically a website for sale..

    I am selling this domain because I am currently unable to operate the site as a busy college student.


    Cal Football Talk

    The domain was registered at namecheap and can easily be transferred to another owner.

    As most of you who follow college football may know, the University of California, Berkeley has been emerging as a national football power in the past few years, which means their fan base has been growing quite rapidly. This domain will probably be very valuable in time, and will probably attract many Cal football fans if you advertise properly.

    What's also included, a high quality Cal Football forum theme custom designed by Benny Grimson from PixelSlot. ( Currently, it is a Simple Machines Forum theme, however I'm sure it can easily be converted to an IPB or vBulletin or even PHPBB theme.

    Theme Screenshot

    This package has a lot of potential, especially with the ever-growing Cal football fan face. This domain and football forum can turn into a hot commodity in a few years, or even months.

    So this is basically a website for sale. However, I lost the last members I had because my previous server was wiped due to late payment. So I am only able to offer this.

    SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY, I will consider all reasonable offers. Please contact me via e-mail at [email protected] Thank you!
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    Okay, I will accept all offers $50 and up! Thank you

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    Still looking for offers..

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    Still looking! Current bid is $25.. will consider all higher offers
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    Current bid is $50

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