Application Development Needed For Mortgage Broker - Online mortgage application with admin/agent/client backend.

1. "Paged" application with tabs.

2. Applicants can save the application at any point and return to complete editing. When finished they submit the application. After submitting the application the applicant cannot make more edits.

3. Upon submitting online application, an email notification is sent to both client and admin.

4. Admin can change state of any applicant (un-submit, for instance), delete any application.

5. Admin can setup Agent profiles or assign registered users as Agents.

6. Admin assigns applications to chosen Agents.

7. Agent can login to admin interface and be presented with a list of their assigned applications.

8. Agent now has full control over assigned application. Ability to update application status (pending/pending further info/approved/etc), send reminder notices to applicants, communicate with applicant, etc.

9. Client can log into client interface and check application status, communicate with assigned agent and provide info as requested.

10. Ability for Agent to download application.

A HUGE bonus would be for this somehow to be integrated with the Mambo content management system.

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