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Thread: a few domains

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    a few domains

    some domain names for sites that I just don't have enough time to develop. Offers via PM Please. registered at goddady expires 4/8/2006. Had planned on doing a tech goods site with an affiliate script. Also thought about doing a tech goods review blog. registered at goddady expires 11/19/2005. Had planned on a christian blog hosting business. Either free blog hosting or paid, really don't have time for an ongoing venture at this time registered at godday expires 11/20/2005. Had planned on doing a daily bible or scripture site. Also had ideas for time management and someone else suggested it would make a good blog name.

    FIELDCHRONICLES.COM registered at godday expires 6/28/2005. Had planned a baseball (or any sport with a field) news/update website. Probably a blog or a rss feed powered site. Also thought about using the domain as a family website name.

    If I left something out Please don't hesitate to ask.

    Thanks for taking time to look.

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    price each????

  3. #3 --> hoping for $75.00 --> hoping for $75.00 --> hoping for $10.00 --> hoping for $10.00

    or all of them for $105.00. payments via paypal please.

    as stated prices are what i am hoping for. if you want to make an offer shoot me a pm.

    thanks for taking time to look

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