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    Recommend a Colo Facility in Australia


    I am getting requests from some of my NZ and Australian customers for 'local' servers (our servers are currently all in the US). So I'm looking for a colo facility somewhere in Oz.

    I anticipate using about 100-200GB per month per server. It's important the facility is staffed 24x7 for emergencies.

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    It might be worthwhile having a look around

    I haven't had any experience with Australian based colo providers but when i had a look around a while back and two that looked promising were and is located in the AAPT DC in Brisbane while is in the Equinix DC in Sydney.

    Somewhere in Brisbane would probably be the best option as data prices appear to be a bit cheaper there.

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    Thanks for the tip. I noticed that aussie colo's seem to have wierd 'free outgoing bandwidth, pay for incoming bandwidth' deals. Do you know the rationale/business logic behind that?

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    Can't help you with that one sorry, to be honest, i haven't noticed it before.

    Post a message on the WHT AU forum and i am sure someone there will be able to explain the logic behind that model.

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    Hi retep,

    In relation to incoming pay, outgoing free. The reason for this is because it costs practically nothing for uploading data to the US, however it costs a fair amount of money to bring data in an incoming fashion.

    As i always state, you would probably be better off with a incoming + outgoing pay model.

    The following businesses should be able to help you in relation to Colocation in Australia.

    Lucian from
    Phillip from
    Troy from
    Brenden from
    Michael from
    Jon from
    Karthick from
    Stuart from
    Gary from
    Karl from
    Martin from
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