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    Very High Quality Hosting Template for Sale.

    Hello all. It's been nearly a year since i've designed a site due to school. With Summer rolling around, I began designing again. I am here to sell my first design "of the season". It's a hosting template with a few unique features and a pretty catchy layout i'd say .

    Layout will come with the following:

    Index .PSD
    Inside .PSD
    Fonts Used
    Full rights

    *NOTE* - I have not yet made the inside page purposely, so I can build it around the buyer's actual need. I can, however, make a mock inside page if no specific directions are given. I have also done this with the header (below the buttons). I will place any image(s) that the buyer wants me to in that area to help customize it even further.

    The price for this template is tricky. I have decided to either sell this template UNIQUELY to a single buyer for 150.00, or to 3(total) buyers for 50.00 each. This would of course void the "full rights" of the layout, but it benefits those on a smaller budget and may help to sell the layout faster. I must have 3 people interested before I will let it go for 50.00 to each of you. If I do end up selling it non-uniquely to 3 parties, it will never be sold again to anyone else other than those 3 parties.

    Now, the layout!

    Index page:

    Inside page, again, has not been made but will of course fit with the index page design.

    Thanks, guys! You may reply here or PM/Email me ([email protected]).

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    you have some realy nice design there, did you get any offers ? gl with sale !

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    Nah, still hoping! Thanks for the compliment, though. After this one sells, i'll be starting another one. I'll be selling about one every week or two for the next few months, so if you're interested check back regularly

    UPDATE: Here's an html page of what the layout would look like aligned to the left with an extended background image:
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    I agree, great design. One thing though, is there any chance you could get a screenshot of what it would look like centered on the page?
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    Yes, here is the layout centered:

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    Layout still for sale. I will accept offers that are reasonable, so don't be afraid to make one :-)

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