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    Is this the right choice?

    Hey guys! I wanted to know if these server specs can handle the load of my site.

    The site's a pic rating site. It uses about about 5-6 gbs of bandwidth a day on average. And it gets about 100,000 page views a day.

    The server I got has the following specs (from resellerworkz):
    Sempron 2600
    80GB ATA
    512MB DDR

    The problem is that when I transfered the site over to the new server, every 5 mins after it was up, it slowed down and eventually it took up to 2-3 minutes to load a page (most of the times, the pages didn't even load).

    So I was wondering if anyone here has experience with this kind of problem before. And some people have also told me that 512MB of ram wasn't good enough. So what do you guys think? Should this server be able to handle the site and what might be wrong?

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    UltimateX - PM me you server ID and I will be glad to look into this for you. It does sound like you need more RAM, but I'll also check a couple of other things.
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    Can I contact you over AIM? Because I don't have enough posts on here to PM you yet.

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