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    Panel to install on top of an existing Debian setup

    We've got a multiple server system set up right now and it's running but we're administering it manually. One server is set up for e-mail and FTP archives, and the other server is the web server for PHP/mySQL/etc.

    Both are currently running Debian. We're using qMail, Mailman, etc.

    We want to be able to automate some of these processes for the users instead of requesting them from the admin each time.

    I think cPanel requires us to format the system and rebuild everything around cPanel. Is this the best solution for us or is there a better alternative to keep the existing setup?

    Some more info: our users are novices, they will not be able to do much at all - so the panel has to be idiot proof.

    We would like to be able to modify the scripts so we can add a tier in between the user and direct automation for sub-admins to approve some requests that come in.
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