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    Question Live chat software

    I am looking for live chat software that is either free or cheap that is reliable and good. any suggestions?

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    I believe a lot of hosting companies are using help center live which has integrated helpdesk with it as well, not to mention it is free. I think is the url

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    BoldChat is a popular choice among free live chat service providers.
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  6. We are using as well and it works quite well and integrates easily. Not as nice as some of the pay mods, but not too bad.
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    I like Kayako Live Response ( I'm really looking forward to their v3 which has voip among other things.
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    i prefer boldchat for free and paid service it is best
    i use bold chat only

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    Get a trial of EdgePanel. EdgePanel is a online customer helpdesk (including FAQs & support tickets) which has a live chat module. There is an annual fee of $35, but I think its worth paying.

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    helpcenterlive is very nice software and phplive is also good.

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    For a cheaper solution look into PHPLive.

    If you're looking to spend a bit more (a lot more), look into LivePerson. It has been my favorite I have used by far. - A worldwide leader in Shared, Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Server Hosting.

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    We use PHPLive with our company and the features of it are quite good. In comparison to Live Help by, PHPLive has an added feature of allowing multiple departments to keep requests organized. Additionally, it has a nice feature of logging information of traffic to your site and it shows accurate referral URLs. Awstats would just show "showthread.php" at the end of the WHT URL which did not help us at all. I would certainly recommend you to give this software a try.

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    I use Help Center Live and would recommend it - never had any problems and customers are always pleased with the efficient support offered through it.
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    69 isnt bad but you dont get too many features because its free.

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    I use PHP Live and I am very happy with it. I've been using it since December and I have never had any problems with it. It offers everything that I need.

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