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    opinions on

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for a managed ded. server, and I've recently learned that my (well-respected) programming mentor is using for one of his endeavors. I am wondering if anyone else has had experience with them? A google search turned up no opinions.

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    hmm i havent heard of them. look in the dedicated server offers forum.
    15minuteservers is my recommendation.


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    Hey all,

    Just found a reference to from an old post: it says "Divine just went belly-up and became Solid Space"... I'll look up Divine to see if they're trusty.

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    So now I'm a little confused... I went to and it says:

    "Divine Managed Services is now Data Return" and then it forwards me to

    So I checked at and in their "Management" link, it says that Divine Managed Services was FORMERLY Data Return. So which came first?

    This same page also says that SolidSpace's CEO purchased part of Divine's hosting to create SolidSpace. Any background on this? Did Divine really go "belly up" and SolidSpace was some kind of salvaging?

    I know I'm picky, I just want to know the opinion of these companies so I know what I could expect. I do know that DataReturn is supposed to be high-end and pricey... perhaps too much $ for my budget. I'm expecting to spend $400-500 per month plus SQL cost.

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    What did your mentor have to say?

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    Hi, I haven't seen him in years. I will have to look him up and post any news on this, but I still want more than one opinion. I know he'll recommend them b/c he's hosting with them... I guess I am really looking for a general concensus if I can get it.

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    For anyone interested, I just spoke with a tech support guy at According to him - they are not at all affiliated with datareturn and they were formed as a result of divine going bankrupt, but they're not directly associated with divine either.

    This doesn't jive with the info on the pages I've seen (see above), but it's from solidspace itself. Any other info on their reliability would be greatly appreciated. I wrote my mentor an email a week ago and haven't heard back.

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