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    Cpanel / WHM License


    For most of you on here, I'm sure that you know that Comodo has dropped Cpanel all together to get something called H-sphere up (I did a search on cpanel licenses and ran across it).

    I for one have paid for a license, and it would appear that when calling Comodo and trying to get someone on the phone, all they have is a recording saying all their phone lines are tied up, leave a message, blah blah blah.

    What my question is, is there a Cpanel NOC or any other type distributer that could help me out by providing a Cpanel license for the same price or very close to it. I am trying to get a hosting business off it's feet and this just set me back because Comodo is only activating a 15-day test license (slick huh) for an IP address. As a matter or fact, they just activated a new one last night after getting off the phone with them after telling me to change my main server ip address to the next available.

    I am in need of getting another license, so if you are willing and can/will help me, I will be ever so grateful. Email me at [email protected] or [email protected] for offers if you can help.

    Thanks for your time and understanding,

    Jason Brousseau

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    You might want to read the huge thread regarding this. While it was crummy of them to do this, it appears they (comodo) are going to have a fix for you.

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