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    Arrow RackForce's Windows servers have arrived!.

    RackForce's Windows servers have arrived!. We now have fully dedicated Windows 2003 Web Edition servers available on screaming fast hardware!

    Windows 2003 + Plesk 7.5
    2.8 GHz Xeon CPU
    1 GB DDR RAM
    80GB Serial ATA HD
    unmetered Bandwidth

    In addition to the above each Windows server is positioned behind our Fortigate network edge firewall, simply one Of the most advanced firewalls in the business. It scans for known intrusion attempts, viruses, trojans and even tags SPAM for you. That's all included in the price of $169.95/mo. That's a great price for a cutting edge Xeon 2.8Ghz server with 1GB RAM and the new serial ATA hard drives that rival SCSI drives in performance. Sales of these servers will be brisk so don't hesitate to get your order in while immediate supplies last.

    If you are not familiar with Windows 2003 Web Edition there is a good description of it on the Microsoft website located at

    If you need MS SQL we can add that for an additional $85/mo. This will upgrade the Server 2003 Web Edition to Server 2003 Standard Edition for a maximum of 5 administrative users. The version of MS SQL you will get is Workgroup Edition. We are also looking into offering a shared SQL server in order to lower customer costs but have not finalized that yet.

    We look forward to hearing from you and you can reach Sales at 1-800-941-1921 (North America) and 250-717-2340 (International) between 8am and 11pm Monday through Friday Pacific Time.


    RackForce Sales

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    So how much price for additional MSSQL ? Is it single CPU Xeon ?

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    So how much price for additional MSSQL ?
    The MSSQL license that dats is talking about is unlimited users and installed on your server. The introductory price is $85/mo which includes an upgrade to Windows 2003 Server std. edition.

    Is it single CPU Xeon ?
    Yes. A single CPU Xeon. A Dell Poweredge SC1425.

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