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    Would you recommend .....

    Hi I would like to ask you for recommendation.

    I am currently hosted with servermatrix but I have outgrew the server and need an upgrade.

    I have been looking in TMS aka

    The prices are impressive.

    The site is far from impressive.

    I have read some good pros for them. can someone help me to make decision.

    which od the servers datacenters to choose. I am ONLY webhosting. no gaming. ( (Yipes) (The Planet)

    any input is valued

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    Depending on how much you want to spend, I just purchased dedicated hosting with And so far i must say i'm in love. They had my server setup within a few days, Their network is amazing. And their support rocks.

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    TMS has a good reputation. Don't let the lack of a snazzy website turn you off. If the prices look good, try them.
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    i like 15minuteservers, stay away from hostcreations, interserver, any any the planet hoster.

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