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    45 server EROS STILL screwed after several hours

    It started at about noon and 5 hours on, server EROS is still screwed up.

    First, it was not running at all. Now, for the last few hours, Apache is running there, but MySQL is not.

    At least three other of their servers were running just fine all this time ...

    1) sent ticket (now it went to another "ticket" site - they are changing their ticket site too often recently ...)

    2) NO email back that ticket accepted (used to be like that just few days ago)

    3) NO any message of any problem on their website
    (they have NEVER had one in case of problems)

    4) Tina's (the owner) email - provided in the "Contact Us" link - not working, I got this :
    Hi. This is the qmail-send program at
    I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following
    This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.

    <[email protected]>:
    Sorry, no mailbox here by that name. (#5.1.1)
    How could you trust a business that has its ONLY public email contact tell you it doesn't exist?

    5) used to have live chat support - missing for weeks now.
    Just until few hours ago, the live chat link was saying that it will be back soon. Today, they changed it to:
    Thank you!
    And who is my "host website" if I am a reseller with account with them?

    6) when you call them on the phone, automated record tells you to go to
    There you will find just the default "apache is configured OK" page ...
    Then it disconnects you.

    7) other servers are running just fine all this time

    8) the link to payment via credit card on their MAIN page for Cpanel-accounts - see "real time banking" - has been dead for MONTHS

    9) used to have server status page - removed it obviously to hide too many problems (in another thread I saw a guy who posted an image of that page with plenty of problems on a particular server)

    10) current problem with server EROS most probably has nothing to do with the recent "fake mail" attack on their servers - when that was happening, all their servers were slow

    This guys used to be MUCH better. But something (or somebody) has started to screw them up recently.

    My advice - dump this hosting provider

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    Yeah, EROS has been flacky all day, I'm hoping something gets done soon.

    I'm not exactly sure what is happening at Affordablehost but all the problems started popping up after the purchase of AxisHost and seems to have increased with the recent purchase of HomeTownHosting.

    Just discovered today that the old support website is now moved to a different domain. The chat and forum support has been gone for a while.

    I'm hoping things clear up soon.

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    Re: server EROS STILL screwed after several hours

    Originally posted by webcho
    2) NO email back that ticket accepted (used to be like that just few days ago)
    I added to an older ticket this morning and was told to use the new helpdesk. Did that but received no confirmation mail, no record of the ticket number. Tried again this afternoon, same thing. Tried awhile later with another email address, still no confirmation email but 5 minutes later I did receive a response from them....
    AffordableHost system has been recently acquisitioned by another company. We are currently training technical support and billing specialists. We should have all submitted tickets and our senior staff will be updating the system to resolve all current issues as soon as possible.
    I'm assuming he was talking about the 'support' system. My first 2 tickets have been closed as they were duplicates, but the last ticket has not been solved yet. No server problems, just questions to be answered. Hopefully soon they'll get things sorted out.

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    err nvm.. is old news

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    "Someone's" (you know who you are )account was running several old instances of phpNUKE - which caused quite a mess of Eros today.


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    I'm a little concerned over HomeTownHosting also. Just received a message that bought course, this is when I realized HomeTownHosting was purchased in December by A clear indication the company is floundering. I doubt I'll renew my account. I checked out what the company has to offer now and its no where near what I have now with them. Oh well, my account expires in July...I suppose it will remain expired. This is not good at all. I was also affected by server issues a couple weeks ago which lasted a few days. The whole thing stinks of failure.

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    Neither AffordableHOST or dotCanada were small hosting companies. With the purchase, dotCanda is now a pretty big operation and one of the largest hosts in Canada. This was a pretty big takeover. Also, dotCanada has said in their email that whatever you have as a hosting package now will remain the hosting package you have as long as you're with them.


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    Good luck Tina!


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