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    Which server should I get?

    A sempron 2600 equipped server or one equipped with an Athlon XP 2400+?

    I haven't read reviews on either CPU, I know an Athlon XP barton would no doubt outperform a sempron 2600 CPU, but not sure about the 256k l2 cache athlon XP's, and how they'd perform in comparison to the semprons. Both are the same price, however after the promo for the company I'm buying from is over, the Athlon XP server will be $7 less than the sempron server.

    I'm probably going to be using the server as a game server and to host a few websites at the same time. If memory serves me correctly, the sempron is not too good for gaming, so maybe the XP is a better way to go? (I'm not sure if game performance actually affects running a game server)
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    You can barely run an html website with a sempron. We have a pc equiped with a sempron 2800+ wich runs at 2 Ghz. It's a piece of junk, buy a 1 Ghz PIII, you can get better performance.
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    Are you exaggerating? A sempron can definitely run an html site.. and as for a 1 GHz p3, I'd much rather get an XP 2400+ which will be tons better, and I'm also quite sure a sempron 2600 could outperform a p3 1 ghz.

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    go with a machine from 15minuteservers


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    Whats wrong with



    TP n SM?
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    Horrible providers. Cant stand them. Just speaking of my personal experience. My most big thing is with hostcreations / interserver. just see my previous posts and youll see the hell their putting me through.

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    We got your opinion redundant. Enough is enough.

    On Topic: I'd go with the sempron; it's only $7, and i think you'll get a bit more perforamnce out of the sempron. Truth be told, i'd suggest dishing out another $15 for a Pentium 4 2.4ghz/2.8ghz.

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    always get some thing faster so in the future you can grow with out the need to change servers or upgrade your CPU

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    You can barely run an html website with a sempron

    Think again... yes, Sempron is a low-end CPU but it's definitely not worthless. I just replaced my devel server, a PIII-800 for a Sempron 2800+ at 2Ghz. It's able to transcode/render a 3-5 Mbps MPEG2 stream -> 512 kbps MPEG4 stream at 80 frames/sec. The old PIII couldn't do it real-time... 15-20 frames/sec was the limit. Only the board, CPU and memory changed -- I'm always impressed how Linux lets you change the chipset and board and boots just fine without any adjustments or a reinstall.

    Granted, this isn't a typical web hosting application, but I never said the Sempron is a great CPU for web hosting. But it does beat a PIII easily.
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    Originally posted by BizB
    always get some thing faster so in the future you can grow with out the need to change servers or upgrade your CPU
    I believe this sempron is socket A, nothing of the future. It's not eean a 64 bit CPU. But of course, if I get a socket 754 sempron in the server then I can probably upgrade to an Athlon 64 in the future.

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    If you are renting a dedicated server from a provider, the sempron is good. If you are looking at purchasing a server, i'd get something like a dual opteron on lease from HP, or a dual xeon from dell.

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