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    Please estimate for me!

    Hi, i would like to know how much the following domain would be worth:

    all these gets over 300 uniqe hit a month, the are just redirecting
    so please me how much they worth!

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    I would not sell it for less than $200 with the traffic. The domains themselfs are reg value really.

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    traffc is good $100

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    aznrex, honestly it depends on the traffic are these paying clients or is the current site reveneue generated by ads?
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    no, all comes from google
    they sumone searched the site
    i dun even know why

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    omg, the went to 982uniqe hits, cuz some hentai site is the same domain name but just without the "s" at the end
    so it generating a huge amount of traffic lately
    how much would be cost now?

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    an high $xxx or low $xxxx

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