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  1. #1 Appraisal Plz

    Hey all,

    I have had this domain for a while now and after a couple of forthcoming projects I shall finally be developing it to provide (as the name suggests) hosting tutorials.

    I was wondering how much you think its worth at present.


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    it has a great development potential
    undeveloped: low $xxx
    developed: low $xxxx
    developed+traffic: who knows?

    Good luck,

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    i would really think about selling it, its a very usefull name and with a good drveloped site on it could be worth $3,000+

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    DreamWorks, a lot of the time with development, you might have to spend a pretty penny to get a nice return on the domain also.

    However it should not be too complex, good luck, Advancedcp I sent you a pm.
    Benoît Brookens III
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    I think it's worth the mid $xxx undeveloped. High $xxxx properly developed because tutorials is big business. You could also tap into the home-schooling avenue.

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