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    MySQL / PHP Overloads, please some advice!?

    Hi, there!

    I have been reading for a while now, and i can`t find any info about what the problem could be.
    I running a forum + few other sites that use MYSQL to get their info from.

    When i run the forum it had about 60000hits per day and the server run PERFECTLY GOOD!

    I have read that not closing a connection wood do some damage, im not sure if i added that on those other sites..

    and btw how does one close a connection!?

    PHP Code:

    // close connection

    How wood i go forward on getting to know what the problem is!?

    Im useing
    Red Hat Linux
    Cpanel (latest)

    Any help aprisiated!

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    Sorry, what's the exact problem here?

    Could you include more info, system output etc?

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    paste the configuration of your my.conf will be helpful

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    vidahost, thx for replaying!

    Ehh teh server overloads and i dont know why, all i know is that there is a mysql problem some where.

    I talked to the host, they say that it`s getting to many hits (and that`s why this problem is here)

    Im reciving less hits then before, so that should`t be a problem.

    I need some help with SSH commands / etc..

    On how to check to se what the problem is, why it has so many mysql connections, if some one is doing something wrong ETC... !

    paste the configuration of your my.conf will be helpful
    How!? :/

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