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    Need help

    Anyone know does 2 checkout working with Bank`s from Lithuania?


    NORD/LB - Swift code: AGBLLT2X
    HansaBank - Swift code: HABALT22

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    How about asking them....?
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    I did . Still waiting for the answer :]

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    any help ?!

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    I was just in 2CO and found they appear to be accepting from all countries. Here is what the they have onsite:


    Can 2CheckOut bill in different currencies?
    All charges are displayed in US $. Banks and the credit card companies will automatically do a currency conversion to the cardholders' native currency.

    AND this:


    List all countries they will accept payment from. Allows you to deny payments from these countries for e-goods.

    Hope this answers your question.

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    As long as your bank has a swift code etc, they can remit the money to you, and you can use them. Your bank may have other charges though. So you should check with your bank.
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    HansaBank, yes, I know they work as my friend has a 2co account with HansaBank in Luthiania but for NORD/LB - it shouldn't be a problem (I havent tried them tho)
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