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    Need a virtual visa/mastercard

    I have a verified paypal account, a bank account and a solo card, but i need a virtual visa/mastercard. I don't really want to pay too much for setup... Where can I get one?

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    If you search on google for prepaid visa cards I think you may find what you want

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    Paypal itself has Virtual Mastercard.
    2. CLick Withdraw
    3. click Shop online with a PayPal virtual card
    4. Enter the store URL
    It'll generate a virtual mastercard with expiration date and id number.

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    PayPal's Mastercard is only for those located in the US.

    Try They offer virtual cards at very reasonable prices.

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    apart from anyone have any good idea?

    which the card can registered paypal, ebay, overstock, yahoo.......

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    ePassporte virtual cards cannot be used with PayPal. I think you will find all virtual cards cannot be used with PayPal.

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    thx for your reply, actually whether can verify with paypal is not important....coz i have other card can verify with paypal

    however I am looking for the prepaid visa/master card or virtual visa/master card which can be worked with following website:-

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