3 months ago I've moved about 30 sites from old server to new server with different IP and then all the pages in all sites are listed with url only on Google search results! No title, no desc, just url! Also I've checked log files and there was no googlebot traffic at all! What hapened??? (But I can see other spiders from other search engines come and index).

The new server is Windows 2003 server with IPSec enabled. The following ports are opened as I think it a must for hosting service:

-TCP 53 (DNS IN & OUT)
-UDP 53 (DNS IN & OUT)
-TCP 80 (IN)
-TCP 443 (https IN)
-TCP 3389 (Terminal service IN)
-TCP 21 (FTP service IN)
-TCP 110 (POP3 Out)
-TCP 1433 (SQL IN)

I blocked all ICMP traffic (in & out), so the server does not reponse from ping requests.

I guess that not my server configuration problem (because other spider can visit and index!) But why no goolebot!

The 30 sites were very good ranking on google (usually from page 1 to page 3 on google result) before moving to new server. I also checked blacked list to see if my server IP was banned from google (thanks god there no my IPs on that list!).

So that's not server configuration problem, not IP banned problem, not search engine cloaking problem, and then ...what is really the problem?

The only thing I can guess is blocking ICMP traffic may cause trouble with googlebot! (But I dout about it!)

I've waiting for googlebot 3 months! Nothing hapened! Does google forget my sites?

Anybody has the same problem with me? Please help!

Thanks a lot