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    Options/Ideas on inexpensive Highly Available shared storage with read/write?

    Looking for ideas on how to setup a shared storage system. Example being load balanced web servers. Yes I am familiar with the whole replicate the data to each server. Not what I am looking for. Each web server would need to be able to write to the shared files. So basically, I have figured to come down to a file server situation. Good for front end, but what is FS goes down. Then you have a File Server HA cluster. User permissions need to be enforceable on the storage, which would need to be able to automated management of users and permissions as well. Again, thinking File Server, but if you a HA Cluster, you STILL need to be able to have each server access the same HDs, just be one or the other.

    SOO, if you have 2 (or more even) base machines, each with an OS drive, can a shared disk system be dreamed up and implemented? I know of External SCSI/SATA/EIDE boxes that have 2 SCSI PORTS for host connection, but those typically run min $5K. Any ideas on solutions much lower than that?

    Thank you.

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    A couple of thoughts on file systems
    If you really need that level of reliability don't you want to be spending some reasonable money on it?


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    Pete is absolutely right -- the core of your network is not the place to go pinching pennies. A cheap duct tape solution won't do anything to help your reliability.

    If $5k is out of your budget, build one good solid box with a quality power supply (or two). With good hardware, a year up, or more, is easy.
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