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    I think i'm being billed over and over again


    Yesterday i recieved 3 invoices from DDI hosting! it says payment approved. it was about 3 times
    i sent a yesterday ticket to clearify whats happening and i didnt get an answer yet
    today 2 more invoices in my inbox!

    what on earth are they doing???

    i went to modren bill and there is no indication of these transactions. and i'm paying with visa so i dont know if i'm really being billed or not... but sounds like i am

    these guys have very slow support and only reason i'm still with them is because my friend who is doing the website is till working on it and its not up yet... so we r happy with their low prices for now. i know we get what we pay for... but c'mon i need answers :/
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    Have they got a support telephone number you can contact?

    I check all transactions twice and make sure i have some kind of receipt just incase, Best thing to do is to stop the payments until they respond to your ticket.
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    First, try calling your bank to see how many transactions were approved. Second, call (if possible) your host and let them know what's happened.

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    As you say there are no traces in Modern Bill... then this might be wrong addressed mails...or spams??
    Still do confirm with your bank and host and clear out things..
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    It could be just a glitch in their billing system or cron job
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    We had that problem a few months ago, it seems to be a bug in ModernBill and the new email caching, the bug is fixed in 4.3.1?? (not sure on exact version).

    Hoping that its just a bug, there's nothing to worry about. ModernBill doesn't usually lie once your logged in.
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    Hello all

    i called my bank and there r no new bills from them on my statement. also the hosting guys said that they can;t see any new bills created. i guess it's just a bug then. but it sure scared me cuz i was running out of money from my visa and i needed the remaining for a coming payment.

    some of those invoices were quite weird!! one of them was for 1969!!
    The egg came first. the "mutant" egg belonged to an animal that was not exactly a chicken, but its offspring was. Thus, the egg was a chicken's egg, and it came first.

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    Originally posted by Priyanka
    Hi WebEnzyme,
    It will be better if you download new version of Modern Bill in which the bug has been fixed ,as Wanga mentioned.
    Wow, thats a pretty big bug! lol

    Glad its fixed, would have caused a lot of problems....

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    Yes I got the same thing, but didn't notice for a few days. I got them twice, but..... I also got an email about dedicated ips (which I don't have) so I ignored everything.

    Now my sites are down (plesk is up and ftp is working. I believe my email is ok), and so is DDI's site so I can't put in a ticket or see their stupid phone number.


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