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    Any free cPanel typ software around?

    Just curious if there is any cPanel software or scripts that would be nice for customers that dont cost hosting company a crap load of money.


  2. You have to spend money to get money.
    If your budget is tight try directadmin.

    Try use the search button, you can find lots of info .
    I can think of only web-cp and gplhost's control panel.
    What you can do with Cpanel ------------------> |||||
    What you can do with Cpanel XP+CpanelAPP -------> ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||

    Your competitors are cashing in with Cpanel XP & CpanelAPP, are you?

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    A Few i know of;

    Webmin - (
    Usermin - (
    Web://CP - (
    VHCS - (
    Zpanel - (

    I recommend Web://CP Or VHCS!

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    Zervex DSM also has a free version.

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    Zpanel is nice, but I heard it is a pain to install.
    (It does not run on Fedora Core, so you might avoid it just because of this).

    I use cPanel and XPanel for free hosting (
    I will say the same [email protected] did. Invest to collect.
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    There is also DTC at GPLHost

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