I am a customer of GoWebMan.com for approximately 6 months now and have had wonderful service. They are very affordable with quality servers and higher end bandwidth (Peer 1 BGP bandwidth). I run two public Counter Strike servers and two private Counter Strike on their P4 1Gig Mem Box with no loss and virtually no choke.

Recently my box, crashed due to a hardware failure. Within 5 minutes I was a live chat with Antoni and then 30 minutes later I was on the phone with the Tech (who was on site). From there we determined the problem and then decided to migrate to one of their dedicated server until I can repair my own. In less then 45 minutes the new box was up and running.

I can't say enough about their quality service and professional attitude. I am very happy I took the gamble with them. If you are wondering why I said "gamble", it is because individuals from this forum spoke of their lack of timely responses. They then claimed to have improved their company. I want it to be known that they indeed did.

If you want higher quality bandwidth at very reasonable prices in the Chicago area I definitely recommend going with gowebman.com