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    Angry unrouteable mail domain afther rebouild apache...

    afhter rebuild apache on a server i note that a lot of php mail functions gives the: unrouteable mail domain "" problem. This happens with all type of destination address ([email protected]) even if the user/provider exist.
    The server is running with phpsuexe a serveral months not but never had this problem befor.. (and also check the "Prevent the user 'nobody'" )
    Has anyone an idea what's going wrong with this apache update?

    Thanks a lot

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    Make sure that you do have the following completed with a valid email address:

    WHM > Change System Mail Preferences > nobody's mail
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    thanks.. but that's already set. However i saw that if i tick "off" "Prevent the user 'nobody'" and allow sending e-mails as nobody it works again. But i dont like this option enable.. probably the owners of files/dirs are set wrong afther the build and they should set back to the respective owners..

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